Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yugioh Card of the Week: 12/9/12

Continuing with GX once again we will now enter the second week of December with today's featured card. Today I will be covering non other then Armed Dragon Lvl 10. The previous forms of this card were released way back in Soul of the Duelist.  Level cards in general were usual unpopular just because there were either too hard to summon or that the gimmick itself wasn't that interesting during the time they were introduced. Chazz from Yugioh GX helped made them a little more popular after using them quite in a bit in the show and taking the Armed Dragons to the next level.  When the card was released in the real card game it became one of the most sought after cards because of his effect and sweet design.  Its effect allows you to be able to destroy all your opponents' face-up monsters with the cost of discarding a card so it became one of the most used cards in peoples' decks. The previous forms of this card were only able to destroy all monsters that were less then or equal to their atk points so when Lvl 10 was created it completely dominated the fields.  Since then there have been several reprints so getting this card shouldn't be too hard at this point so it can be a great addition to anyone's decks. Keep in mind you would need the weaker forms of this card to play it but if that doesn't bother you I say its worth using it.

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