Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Legends of Power - Week # 47: The Countdown of the Top 50 Greatest Power Rangers Stories

Ranger Blue – Power Rangers RPM

            The morphing grid was one of the first teams we ever heard on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 20 years ago. As time passed, we heard about the morphin grid less and less. Saban had sold the rights to Power Rangers to Disney who barely  touched the word … till their last season with the franchise with Power Rangers RPM.

            RPM reinvented the word, calling the Morphin Grid into the Universal Bio-field; which to be honest, sounds a whole lot better than Morphin Grid. In Ranger Blue, we get what many Power Rangers fans never thought we would … an explanation behind the Universal Bio-field and the actual morphin sequences themselves. Yes, Dr. K, in her infinite wisdom, decided to let the RPM team ask her questions for her to answer.

            And it ends up with her explaining the RPM filmed morphin sequence down to the tee. What is more amazing that the explanation is used as set up for the main plot of the episode later, dealing with Ranger Blue himself, Flinn. It was a great way to explain the long mysterious morphin grid.

            Why is this on the countdown? I think what I just told you explains why. Why is it # 47? Because while the explanation is good and the episode overall is interesting … it was kinda of down played by Flinn’s need for justice and him messing up. While that did give interesting character to Flinn, it also kinda of made him look good and bad all in the same episode. So, Flinn looking bad till near the end of the episode is why this is # 47.

Next Week: With a Strength of a . . . Oh no. Th at would be telling. 

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