Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Action Labs Month: Order of Dagonet # 1 Review & FREE COPY

We have another comic review for you guys here at The Broken Infinite. This time we're looking at Princeless writer Jeremy Whitley's other book the order of Dagonet. We're looking at the first book of the series for this review.

Order of Dagonet
Written by Jeremy Whitley
Art by Jason Strutz
Review by Jeremias de Leon


Over in England mythical beings have returned to earth and Merlin, yes the Merlin in King Arthur lore, contacts certain British people who all have one thing in common, being knighted by the queen. They are contacted as being the only people who can save England from the mythical menace. The fun starts when you see the people who are contacted to save England. A best selling author, a B movie star that was a Shakespearean actor and an old rock musician that speaks in a barely intelligible manner.

The entire book is basically a look into exactly who these people are and the quirks they have or the troubles they'll run into or have run into while going back to England and try to save it, even though they really have no idea how to do that. It's a nice quirky take on the knights save England from evil story. It contains references to different mythologies and works of fiction but makes something totally offbeat and distinct that stands on it's own with it.


Jason Strutz has an amazing art style that is unique and awesome and mesmerizing. I have seen nothing quite like that in a comic book. The use of pastel colors in the comic is reminiscent of an Edgar Degas painting and it gives this comic a style that is perfect with this kind of story. Honestly the writing and the art in this comic are like peanut butter and jelly why would you just go for one when you know for a fact they're so great together?

The art in short, is unique and amazing because of it.


The writer of Order of Dagonet's writer, Jeremy Whitley has always been good with writing characters and this is no exception. This book explores just what kind of people each of the protagonists are and they are portrayed as real humans. They also interact with each other as such and these interactions give us glimpses into who they are and what kind of personalities they have. The old rock star acts just as someone like him would when dealing with a situation like this, crazy. The renowned book author thinks things through and tries his best to do what makes the most sense.

Each character is great and it won't be hard for you to find your favorite out of the cast.


This comic is fantastic it made me laugh within just a few seconds of reading it. It has lots of smart and funny dialog and the art style is beautifully unique. If you want to read something that is not the norm and very entertaining you can't go wrong with Order of Dagonet. As a matter of fact you can read it right here, below this review. Courtesy of Jeremy Whitley himself who gave us permission to let you guys read it here on The Broken Infinite. I give Order of Dagonet a 9 out of 10

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