Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Archer and Armstrong issue 9 review

Hello and welcome to Broken Infinite's comic reviews. We're back with a new issue of Archer and Armstrong. We've been blown away by the previous issues. Does this hold up?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Armstrong is in a bind. It seems Archer has gone off the deep end and is attacking his friends. Again, it would seem that way. But the truth is he is under control of something and thanks to this it looks like the Null is going to have it's way and destroy the entire universe. The writing this issue is fantastic. The plot itself is not overly complex where if you missed even one issue you'll be left wondering what's going on but the characters are written extremely well. From their interactions to the growth and change they undergo and that is apparent at the end of the issue the story and writing is fantastic. For ending a story arc it definitely amps everything up and has every character have their moment to shine, which is awesome. There's also a big hint at the end of this book as to what will happen in the next issue and the next story arc. So again, great work here with the writing.


Looking back on the most recent previous reviews the art seemed to not wow me as much, but this issue really stepped it up. What's stands out the most is how well action is drawn. The characters look fluid in every movement they do and the panels look as they should. Like they were photographed or frozen in the middle of performing an action. Character expressions like in previous issues are still a strong point as well. As each time a character made a specific significant expression on their face like say terror it was conveyed so well that you wouldn't need to even read anything to know what they're thinking.


I honestly do enjoy this series. To a point where I gave it my only perfect score for two issues. Recent issues were enjoyable but I didn't feel as strongly as I did earlier in the series. But for this issue and for the end of this particular arc, the writing and the art combined in such an awesome way that this issue reminds you again that this is truly an awesome series and for that it gets a 10 out of 10 

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