Saturday, February 23, 2013

Comic News: PAK & LEE Bring Back Batman/Superman

  So, 8 titles in the DC New 52 will be done by the time May rolls around. We've already got replacements with the upcoming Green Team and Gail Simone & Freddie Williams II on the political themed book, The Movement. Come June, the big guns will be together again.

   After a Long career as a writer for Marvel, Greg Pak comes to DC. And he jumps feet first into the New 52 with June's new ongoing, Batman/Superman. Yes. Pak's first DC work is gonna deal with 2 out of the Big Three. The opening arc for Batman/Superman will be focused on their actual first meeting, which takes place before Justice League # 1 and build upon the relationship that many fans of both Pre- New 52 & current New 52 will know and love.

    The art is being handled by superstar artist, Jae Lee. The ongoing, set to debut in June, will feature Batman/Superman's first meeting.

   Greg Pak told Newsrama:
          You may think you've seen it all, but this is their true first meeting, at a critical early stage in their lives and careers. . .  So this story begins around the time of Morrison's Action #1, when both of these men are young and wild and dangerous. Anything can happen. They've never even heard of each other before – never even heard the word "superhero."
So how will Clark react the first time he sees an insanely dangerous combatant dressed like a giant bat? And how will Bruce react at the sight of an alien with the power to bend steel in his bare hands? It's a hugely fun place to dive in with these characters.

    Pak promises that the tales will eventually jump to present day while building on the friendship between the two heroes and why they trust each other more than anyone else. Batman/Superman # 1 written by Greg Pak & art by Jae Lee will hit stores in June.

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