Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DarkOnslaughtProductions: Power Rangers Megazord Land Brothers Zords Review

BOA continues to actually continuing to bring us a really good toyline.  It is not different for the auxilary zords of the season.  Megaforce has just aired its first episode and it has given us a pretty good start of the series. The Land Brothers or apparently Terra Brothers according to one of the new Power Rangers cards is a pretty bland set on its own but does okay in the combination.  Paint wise its a downgrade from the Japanese version but otherwise they still function the same way.  BOA has definitely improved since the samurai line since the zords this season work just like its Japanese counterpart.  The only minor complaint is that the drill on the Rhino no longer has the ability to turn unlike in Goseiger but overall is not the big issue. The combination with the Gosei Great Megazord isn't the most creative out of the brothers set but at least the Kuwagata  does its job in the Gosei Great Ground combination.  If you are looking to get all the zords by all means grab this set. However, if aren't really interested in Land Gosei Great then just get it for staff combination for Gosei Great Grand.

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