Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Executive Assistant: Assasins #8 review

Welcome back to TheBrokenInfinite's comic reviews. This time we're looking at Executive Assistant Assassins issue 8.

Review by Jeremias de Leon

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This issue certainly takes a step up in intensity. As if the previous issues didn't let you already know that the stakes are high this issue punches you in the gut with it. The Executive Assistants get into some brutal situations. If ever you doubted these women are trained killers, like you would if you've read any other issue, but if you did this certainly proves it.

On top of all the action there's more being unveiled and yet, at the same time getting cloudy when you get into just what's going on. More allies and enemies appear and motives are called into question. The story is truly starting to come together and the narrative style works well. It's not too vague, nor is it overly complex.


The art is downright awesome. Even better than in previous issues. The one problem where certain random panels, usually action panels, didn't seem to have characters on model. Which was a minor complaint because those panels were few and far between has been improved here. Nothing in this issue seemed to be off and of course each of the characters being the beautiful women they're supposed to be were drawn with gorgeous detail.

they don't play around


In all honesty I had reservations about this series. But this issue has put all doubts to rest. The writing is smart and of course the titular characters and action scenes look great. But the reason this series is great is because of the writing. Each character gets explored and each character is actually complex and have their own motives, desires, likes and dislikes and it makes this book just that much more of a good read.

Executive Assistant: Assassins upped it's game in a big way and I have to give this a 9 out of 10.

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