Friday, February 8, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK #46 -

Path of The Rhino – Power Rangers Jungle Fury

            So yeah. Jungle Fury has it’s 1st induction onto our countdown. Way of the Rhino marked the first appearance of Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger aka Dominic. Dominic has a Pau Zhu that RJ, Wolf Ranger, knew for a long time. Dominic has been traveling the world, looking for his ultimate destiny, as he told the other Jungle Fury Rangers and Fran when he first arrived. Yet, after first meeting with Dominic, the team, except for RJ and Fran do not like him. Heck, they don’t really give Dominic a chance or benefit or the doubt.
            He was eating pizza while  two Rangers were practicing with weapons. He give them constructive ways to actually focus  their attacks but he accidently gets pizza grease on it and it slips out. Dominic goofs off a little but the main 3 Jungle Fury Rangers don’t give him a chance. When Dominic sees the Rangers in action, he feels that he’s destined to join … only  to get shot by the 3 Main Rangers . . . who are acting like complete ASSHOLES at this point.
            This was definitely one of the best introductory episodes of a new Ranger the show has ever had. We got a team who are showing character flaws and pretty much being snobbish about Dominic joining the team. RJ tells them to look at Dominic in a different way but they don’t listen. When Dominic decides to leave cause he feels unwanted, Fran points out to the other Rangers who great of  a job they did of giving him a chance …oh wait … they didn’t. And she calls them out on it. After making them feel stupid, Fran walks away to go after Dominic. ONLY THEN  Casey and the other realize how bad they were and Casey goes after Fran. To have a non-Ranger be the one to snap the Rangers into reality was a great touch.

            Plus, Dominic is kind of like Zhane done right. He’s charming. He’s loyal. He’s fun. But when it’s time to be a Ranger, he’ll throw down with the best of them. Way of The Rhino showed a hero wanted to find his place in the world and when he finds it, being treated with skepticism once he finds his destiny. It reminds viewers that the Rangers are fair from perfect and that somedays … our heroes are NOT really heroes. Overall, a strong episode from Jungle Fury …

            That is it for this week’s Legend of Power. Till Next Week, May the Power Protect You.

 - Frankie Rodriguez (Power Ranger Fan for 20 years)

NEXT WEEK:  T n A really  Sells the Show! 

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