Saturday, February 9, 2013

Comic News: 6 More Titles To the DC Graveyard

  Ladies & Gents, it is starting to become painful to see the "now" rotating door that has become DC Comics. Just recently, mere months ago, it was stated by DC hire ups that the New 52 would stay as it for some time to come. Well ... that was a lie. Six more titles are being cancelled from DC. And which 6 titles will die and join the New 52 Graveyard?

    Fury of Firestorm, The Savage Hawkman, Deathstroke (which is hilarious when Rob Liefeld stated on Twitter that the book would end up cancelled after his "abrupt" departure from the company), The Ravagers, Team 7 and Sword of Sorcery. Add that to the end of I, Vampire and Legion Lost, which were already announced to get cancellations. There is something REALLY, REALLY wrong here.

   The first 3 titles  have been part of the New 52 since launch. Ravagers was part of the "Second Wave" of titles which started around May of last year with the last 2 titles just starting this past September.

   According to DC Comics EIC Bob Harris, that we will continue to see many of the characters from the cancelled titles in other places. Amethyst "might" return to Justice League Dark - which I honestly hope cause seriously ... damn. And the team needs some light in that group besides Deadman. Hawkman will be prominently featured in Justice League of America. Fairchild, Beast Boy & Terra were assured that we'd see them again somewhere else. Everyone else word but hey, this just happened.

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  1. Well..shit. I'm glad i didnt start buying team 7 like i was going to.