Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bloodshot # 9 Review

            Meanwhile, Kara takes down Chainsaw Command herself … well, mostly by herself. She ends up helping Pulse as Pulse plays a pivotal role in this issue and setting up what is to come in Harbinger Wars.

            Dr. Kuretich ends up giving a report … to a very familiar face. Bloodshot then has a final confrontation with Gamma and once it is over … not everyone makes it out alive.


            Manuel Garcia had pencil duties for the entire issue and did a tremendous job with giving the broken body of Bloodshot and the emotions of the characters within the book. Matt Ryan’s ink really help bring out the subtle details and pencils of Garcia in a dynamic way that even broken bones look interesting and fleshed out.

            Ian Hannin provides his usual array of colors that help bring the best out of Garcia’s & Ryan’s work. Visually, the book has been really good. Though, there were a couple panels that may have looked a quickly cobbled together but other all … Garcia & Ryan perform a great job with Bloodshot # 9.


            There is a lot in this issue and Swierczynski does a fantastic job of blending everything together well. We learn more and more about how Bloodshot’s physical body work while he displays who he is becoming now. He wants to do the right thing by these kids. And that speaks volumes.
            Kara is becoming more and more interesting as we see her. She really is becoming a core part of Bloodshot’s life and rightfully so. Her own development where she is helping doing the right thing in spite of all the craziness is a very great trait that she has.
            Swierczynski writes great vivid characters. Pulse definitely had more impact this issue as she ended up facing her fears. Facing your fears became one of the themes of this issue and really enjoyed how it unfolded. The plot was good. The characters were entertaining. The overall story helped not only set up Harbinger Wars, but great development for the kids and Bloodshot.  It captivates you and makes you look forward to the next issue.


            Great amount of action balanced with superb storytelling and plot make Bloodshot that much stronger of a book than what it was when it started. Kara is truly a great character to play off of Bloodshot. The danger felt more real. Gamma was an interesting villain.

            We see great set up for the future here. And I look forward to more. Good art. Strong storytelling. A solid job.


            I give Bloodshot # 9  a 9 out of 10. Really great issue that packed a lot but didn’t feel too fast or slow.

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