Saturday, March 30, 2013

Comic News: Age of Ultron Spawns AVENGERS AI

  by Frankie Rodriguez

      Announced this past week, writer Sam Humphries will unleash Avengers AI, spinning off of the current Marvel event, Age of Ultron. Humphries promises to focus on how AI steps up in the Marvel Universe, even making Vision, the leader of this group. Joining Vision is his grandfather, Hank Pym, his brother, Victor Mancha who was formerly a Runaway, new characters  Alexis & Monica Chiang and lastly, a Doombot.

      Humphries describes AI in USA Today, "He comes back after having transformed himself, after upgrading himself, and now that he is in the age of artificial intelligence in the Marvel Universe, he has a new role to play," Humphries said of the newest incarnation of the Vision, currently seen terrorizing his fellow Avengers in the pages of "Age of Ultron. "He's not just a bridge between humanity and A.I. but he is a leader. All of a sudden, he's not just the robot in the room -- he's an A.I. in a world of A.I. and humans."

   Joining Humphries in this new series is artist Andre Lima Araujo. No slated release date has been issued as of yet.

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