Saturday, March 30, 2013

Comic News: DC's Revolving Door Continues With Leavings & Comings

Zircher Knows Why I Put This Here

by Frankie Rodriguez (@SeraphSantana)

    Over the course of the last two weeks, the following has happened over in DC: Joshua Fialkov resigned from Green Lantern Corps & Red Lanterns (& seemingly DC all together), Andy Diggle left Action Comics (& DC seemingly all together) and Tony Daniel announced his run on Action would only be for 1 arc. Funny thing about the first two is that this is announced BEFORE the first issues of the respected runs are to start.
    While Daniel stated he left Action to do a "major" project for DC, it seems that Fialkov & Diggle are leaving for similar reasons as Rob Liefeld & several others ... DC editorial issues. That has become extremely infamous in DC. Even creators still there have had editorial issues, including one of comics reigning Queens, Gail Simone and the legendary George Perez himself.

   Which gets into replacements and additions. Robert Venditti  with co-writer Van Jensen will take over writing Green Lantern Corps. Meanwhile, new Swamp Thing writer Charles Soule will take over Red Lanterns. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad gets a new artist in former Shadowman co-writer & artist Patrick Zircher starting with Suicide Squad # 21.  Eddy Barrows & Brett Booth switch titles. After 9 years, Geoff Johns is leaving Green Lantern. Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins jumps over to Dick's "brother", Terry McGuiness alongside former Venom artist, Thony Silas tackle Batman Beyond. Justice League Beyond gets a new creative team with artist Iben Coello and writer Christos Gage.

    Right now, there is seemingly very little consistency. Some of this is for the better. Some of it ... not so much. Makes you wonder what is being planned and what is going on that keeps having creators leaving books or DC all together.

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