Sunday, March 24, 2013

Legend of Power, WEEK # 41: Racism & Douchebags in Red

Trip Takes A Stand
Power Rangers Time Force

            This week, it’s time for racism! Yay. Yep. We go with one of the first Ranger shows that deals with racism, Power Rangers Time Force. While the Time Force Rangers have been fighting mutants, we find out half way through the series, that there is a least 1 mutant isn’t what he …um …she … s/he seems. As soon as the mutant known as Notacon gets unfrozen by Frax, we find that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Frax tries to put some kind of control device on him but it does not work right away and Notacon escapes.

            As Notacon shows up in Silver Hills, we find that people are having a normal reaction to him … being scared; which is set up by the precedent of the series. Trip ends up finding him and helping him … much to the chagrin of Eric, the Quantum Ranger. Trip hids with Notacon who tells a tearful story that he own stole food to survive (deep stuff) and just wants to be frozen again.

            Meanwhile, as the Time Force defeats some Cyclobots looking for Notacon, Eric goes out of his way to get the Douchebag of the Year Award as he vows in front of the other 4 Time Force Rangers that he’ll not only kill Notacon but he’ll take down anyone in his way. Lucas reminds Eric that he’s out numbered. The Quantum Ranger responds with use his Quantum Defender to blast at their feet and disappear.

            Eric finds Trip and Notacon. Eric tells Trip to get out of the way. Trip though stands in front of Notacon just before Eric can fire his Quantum Defender. Trip goes on to Eric about just because someone is a mutant does not make them a bad person. (Preach on Trip!) Trip even goes as far as saying that if he’s gonna destroy Notacon for being different, he’s gonna have to do the same to him,showing his alien origin to Eric for the first time. Eric looks as if he’s about to relent as Frax’s device goes off. Notacon is out of control and gets giant. The Time Force Rangers spring into action but so does the Q-Rex. It looks like the Q-Rex plans to destroy Notacon but instead just holds on to the mutant so the other Time Force Rangers can destroy the mind control device. The Time Force grants Notacon’s wish to be frozen again.

            After the battle, Trip goes up to Eric saying he knew he wasn’t a bad guy. Eric, needing to be an asshole, says that he will destroy the mutants and take down anyone who gets in his way. The others comment on Eric being a jerk but Trip says that he’s not that way … just very … Lonely.

            So, in one foul swoop, this episode gives us a great confrontation between Eric and another Time Force Ranger that isn’t Wes or Jen, deal with racism, makes you question the motives and mental states of the previous mutants and fleshes out the lesson that being different does not mean bad at all. Standing up in what you believe in is also a very big lesson from this episode. We get some great acting, wonderful pacing and really good story in this episode.

            Why is this # 41? Cause the conflicts from Power Rangers Time Force are even better, as you will see Time Force again in this countdown. It is really a good episode. Still, it is a good episode that holds up, even today.  

            And that is your Legend of Power this week. Get ready for another Legend Next Week, till then May the Power Protect You!

NEXT WEEK:  Welcome Back . . .

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