Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing Your New Justice League of America

Hey there gals and geeks, your friendly neighborhood InfiKnight here. Hope you guys have been keeping up with the amazing story lines from the good people over at DC Comics have been providing. us loyal followers because I continue to be wowed by their efforts.
The latest nugget of awesomeness I got my hands on was issue 1 of Justice League of America. While I don't get why they felt it was necessary to make the JLA, the JLI and the core Justice League 3 separate groups, it does make for an awesome bit of story.
 ARGUS decides they need an insurance plan in case the league ever goes rogue but they didn't want to just have a team of supers come out of nowhere and take them down they wanted their new group to be a league to represent America and match each member of the Justice League. With that being said they recruited Hawkman to match Aquaman, Catwoman to match Batman, the new Green Lantern Simon Baz to take on Hal Jordan(not realizing its Hal Jordan's ring Baz possesses) , Katana to combat Wonder Woman, Star Girl as an answer to Cyborg, Vibe as their Flash, and Martian Manhunter in Superman's place. While all of this is happening a group of villains is coming together in a remote location and Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow has been sent to gather information and is nearly killed in the process.
This new take on the JLA is interesting, its like they took the most vicious group of supers with a few rookies and are planning on giving them a PR makeover ala Dark Avengers. I don't like this new Amanda Waller they made her look more attractive then her pre-New 52 counterpart who was fat and ugly to match who she was on the inside. But being attractive hasn't made her any less of a bitch to get Steve Trevor to abandon his loyalty to the core League she threw it in his face that Diana has moved on and is now with Clark, harsh! the art was of good quality I have no real complaints and the story made for a good intro to the series. All in all I give this issue a Grayson Red Robin(3.5 out of 5).  

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