Saturday, March 16, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK # 42: A White ... Um ... A Ranger Wedding?!


Ranger Yellow
Power Rangers RPM

            RPM graces our countdown again with this 2 parter that really got into Summer’s background and fleshed her out as well as provide viewers another dangerous look at this dystopian future. This two parter shows how dangerous it is in RPMs future while giving us great character development not only for Summer, but for Scott, Dylan and Doctor K.  It also shows the first Ranger Wedding in history … well, almost wedding. (Sure we got Zedd & Rita’s wedding but that definitely is NOT a Ranger wedding).

            We learn that before the Venjix Virus and invasion, Summer was … to put it lightly and bluntly .. . a spoiled BITCH. Seriously, she was wanted on almost hand and foot. A far cry from the woman that we see as Ranger Yellow. She was petulant. She was demanding. She was … A BITCH.  And the person that seemed to get the worst of it was her butler. Her friends and her really showed themselves as typical rich snobs … till Venjix attacked. Summer was separated from her parents and it was just her and her butler.
            And then … for the second time this season, merely 2 episode after the first one, we see our second on screen death in RPM. Summer’s butler dies which really brings about the largest change in her.

            And that was all in the past, during present day … future  … whatever, we get to see Summer dealing with her parents forcing an arranged marriage to her. And while Scott and Dylan are both EXTREMELY interested in her, visibly showing it throughout the 2 parter, she decides to go through with the wedding. Why? Cause her rich parents, who are acting rich, are actually broke. Meanwhile, the wedding is used by Tenaya 7 to infiltrate the Rangers headquarters for the diamond that Summer has; which oddly enough is the last real vestige of wealth her family has and the target of Tenaya’s plan.

            As the wedding commences, Tenaya attacks as the Rangers watch on. Once Tenaya goes on stage … she turns around the bride to see … Doctor K. Yep. Doctor K and Summer did the switcheroo while BOTH are in wedding dresses. And we get an awesome fight between Summer and Tenaya while the guys are busy with the grunts.

            At the end, Summer stand up for herself to not only her parents but her “fiancée’s” family, saying she won’t marry him. And when the fiancee’s family looks down at her, Summer’s parents back her up. Not to mention, Doctor K actually defeats Tenaya 7 her own way, bring up vistages of emotions to the surface.

            The Ranger Yellow 2 parter was a solid story that gave a lot of character development, action, backstory and decent writing all around. We really got to know how Summer became who she is now and learn about choosing your own destiny. The Wedding fight was HUGE … and AWESOME. There were some really key funny moments in the episode … including  the guys all fumbling around when Summer was ready to morph, all of them looking at her in her wedding dress near dumbfounded at how awesome she is.

            Why did this story not rate higher?  1 – While I enjoyed the subplot with the parents, the monster was a bit lackluster. 2 – the Lansdown diamond plot seemed to really come out of no where. I really wish there was more build up to it. 3 – This episode is honestly good but not as great as a couple more that are gonna show up later. Hint: One of them is the episode we hinted at earlier in this article.

            Still, the first Ranger wedding turned into a brawl and it was glorious. I really enjoyed it. That is why Ranger Yellow takes the # 42 spot of Greatest Power Rangers Stories of All Time.

            Well, with that wedding out of the way, it is time to bid you adieu. Till next week, May the Power Protect You!

NEXT TIME: Time For Racism! 

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