Thursday, March 28, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Knight Brothers Zords/ Gosei Ground Great Review

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The Knight Brothers Zords are an interesting duo that actually looks good in all modes even if Bandai of America found a way to make a submarine fly.  Paint once again is a big issue since the fin pieces on top don't stick out well and at first I didn't even think they were there.  Another problem is that the header ports are strangely colored so they look weird when they help form Gosei Ground but at least they aren't noticeable in Gosei Ground Great mode. Its unfortunate that the staff was hindered due to the Dragon Mechazord's neck being stuck inside its body but at least good so I guess its not a huge loss.  Personally paint and questionable design choices aside the Knight Brothers are worth getting and I am glad that Bandai of America has gotten better since samurai.  This may sound redundant by now but at least they are doing a pretty good job with the resources they got.

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