Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yugioh Card of the Week: 3/27/13


In the last installments of Yugioh Cards of the Week we featured cards that were either fan favorites or Main Character Signature Cards.  This week we are going really obscure at least compared to the earlier weeks.  This weeks card is Super Sonic Skull Flame.  Now this card is kind of special because its the first card made   that actually changed its Atk from the anime version to the real life version.  Normally its just effects that change but this time its also his base Attack points is strange. In the Anime it was actually 3000 Atk points for his base stats but in the real game Konami reduced it to 2600.  Its possible that they changed because his effect would pretty much bring him back to 3000 anyway but who knows.  This card surprisingly is the first time I don't recommend using unless you got three copies of the game when it was released or got the Skull Flames separately.  Yea for this week I am actually talking about a card not recommended to play just because his effect would force you to get multiple copies of another card just to use the card for its full potential.  If it weren't a game promo I would say that the card would be okay to use but due to its effect I personally think not many players should use this card unless they really want to or if you somehow got a hold of the other cards.

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