Saturday, March 2, 2013

Superior Spiderman: Superior Series?...No, But Not Bad

Hey there, InfiKnights. Your Friendly Neighborhood InfiKnight here. I seriously hope none of you guys were behind the death threats to Dan Slott, I was mad about the end of ASM too, but seriously the man is an amazing writer and you have to admit Peter's death made one hell of a great story plus *Spoiler Alert* Pete's not gone. I have for you a review for  the first four issues of Superior Spiderman so grab your webshooters and let's go boys and girls it's webswinging time.
Okay, so for those of you who don't know Dr. Otto "Octopus" Octavius is now living as Peter Parker, and has vowed to be a better Spiderman then Peter ever and on top of that even a better Peter. On the Peter front he failed miserably. He was a complete jerk to all of his coworkers at Horizon and could in no way romance Mary Jane. In fact when he was on the verge of winning her over he turned her down making her doubt whether reuniting with Peter is even a good idea. On the plus side he's making great Scientific breakthroughs and has re-enrolled Peter at ESU to pursue a doctorates degree.
As Spiderman I'd say he's pretty good but I wouldn't go as far as saying he's superior to Peter. Instead of patrolling the entire city he has Spider-drones in all his patrol areas warning him of danger. This would be highly effective if he actually responded to all the threats. Also he came up against a new makeshift Sinister Six made up of Boomerang, Overdrive, The Living Brain, Speed Demon, Shocker, and a new Beetle. Otto stopped them, even kept The Living Brain as a robot butler, but he almost beat the Boomerang to death which some how awoke Peter's consciousness as a ghost it would appear so that Peter has been Otto's conscience since. But Peter was unable to stop him from killing the Vulture. And oh goody let's see how Otto fares against Green Goblin in the next issue.
The introduction of Peter's 'soul' as he called himself is possibly the saving grace of this series because Otto is to arrogant to relate too. Had it been Otto dealing with all of this on his own his own way yea the series would more likely than not have been horrible. As a Spiderman fan one of the huge draws has always been relating to the hero so well with Otto i don't really see that happening. Given, he had his moments but I honestly would only have read the title otherwise anticipating Peter's return.

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