Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Action Lab Month: Night of the 80s Undead review

Continuing on in our Action Lab month reviews we take a look at the, like, totally radical Night of the 80s Undead.

Review by Jeremias de Leon


There's lots of cocaine and lots of gore as two girls seem to stumble into something they definitely didn't ask for.

There's plenty of references of course to the decade which are conveniently pointed out if you're not familiar with the fads of the era. The characters have some development in this issue though this issue is more about setting up the premise of the series. It does it in a funny, interesting way too. Celebrity references abound as what seems to be the ultimate 80s party is about to take place and the star of the party, cocaine, seems to pack even more of a punch than usual as it turns the guests into crazy killing coke heads all the while screaming for "more blow".

In the meantime there's two female friends who are looking for a crazy party as (at least one of them) is looking to get over boy troubles and get into altered state of minds. They find the party they look for with the celebrities, at least it seemed that way at first.

The story buildup is actually pretty good as it not only lets you know about the conflict but about the world and why this is going to be an interesting ride.


The characters don't seem to be badly written but I have to say I wish there were more backstory and development in their first issue. I understand there needs to be world building and these characters don't come off as totally flat, but having some more of their history explained would help the reader connect more. Especially with what seems to be the main character and her history with, a former boyfriend that looks to be a coming important character in the series.


If you were to look at the cover then the inside you probably wouldn't expect that style in the comic. Besides a quick few color pages the comic is actually in pencil. That's right pencil, no inks and some bits of color. To be honest I like that, the pencil lets you focus on the details of the art and gives it a style that fits the story.


The book is a heck of a lot of fun, though I wish the characters were just given a little more backstory though I'm sure the next issue will do just that. I give it an 8.5 out of 10

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