Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shadowman # 0 Review

Written by Justin Jordon
Art by Roberto De La Torre, Mico Suayan, Lewis La Rosa, Neil Edwards & Dave Baron
Valiant Comics


            We get the origin of Master Darque in this issue and dear god … it lives us to its name. We find that Master Darque and his twin sister, Sandria, were taught magic by their father since shortly after they were born. We find out how Darque grew in power. We find out about how and why he and his sister have the tattoos. And we even learn why  Master Darque looks like he does now.

            We get some pretty big revelations and some very, very creepy underlining issues between the 3 members of the Darque Family. It all added up to a gruesome and powerful ending.


            I admit. I was worried about this title after Patrick Zircher left. Hell, I didn’t give the last issue as large of a score cause I thought the book suffered with the multiple artists. Let me say now … that is NOT the case here. What we have from De La Torre, Suayan, La Rosa & Edwards is a visually stunning & haunting piece.

            The backgrounds were wonderfully detailed. The colors and dark shading of the entire issue fit the ominous events of this issue. The panel work was gripping and near cinematic at times. We have some really strong pencils from both De La Torre and Suayan only to have even stronger inks from La Rosa and Edwards. The whole issue was this dark journey as to how Nico Darque became the frightening.  From the Darque’s birth to Master Darque’s confrontation with his dad … we see chilling visuals that will burn their way in your brain.

            Kudos to the art team for conveying such emotion, wonder and horror all rolled up within the various panels in the issue. The use of blacks, greys and whites were really smart … particularly during the death of Sandria’s rabbit. Those panels are now burned in my brain for the rest of my life thanks to the art demonstrating them. The emotion was palable when you read it and this team did an incredible job in bringing out the best in this story.



            Jordon takes us full into the origin of Master Darque and his sister and it was both solemn and fantastic at the same time. The use of narration (Jordon having Sandria Darque narrate it) was a splendid idea. It really worked for the pacing of the issue as well as give us insights on Master Darque we probably couldn’t have been given from anyone else.

            We get an idea of how close Master Darque and his sister were and their background was interesting and relateable. Nothing seemed to last longer than it was supposed to and I love that we get shades of the man Darque becomes throughout the issue.

            The revelations and pay offs this issue made it more than worth the read. Great writing by Jordon.


            We got a look at the past of one of the greatest villains in comics and we know a bit as to why he is the way he is. Great art work with superb writing makes this issue a must have.


            I am happy to give Shadowman # 0 a 9 out of 10 for such a great origin issue full of depth, story and emotion. Buy on May 1st.

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