Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bloodshot # 10 Review

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Barry Kitson, Stefano Gaudiano & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


            Bloodshot leads his group of children across the desert, with seemingly no where to go. The kids start questioning where they are going as they are suddenly attacked by soldiers in 2 choppers. We see Bloodshot & the kids in action. Yet, against the wishes of one of the children, Bloodshot does kill most of the soldiers, with some help.

Some of the children seemingly want to use Bloodshot while Kara have a harsh discussion about where Bloodshot is taking them and how Bloodshot is doing this after the death of Pulse. Bloodshot leads them to an abandoned town with supplies he planted there in the past when there is another uninvited guests.


            I have followed Kitson’s arts for the last 2 decades. The man’s art is very distinct and polished. Here … Kitson’s art goes a slightly different  He definitely goes for a gritty look to his art. Deeper inks and shadows along with deep pencils. Kitson goes out of his comfort zone with this darker, grittier style and it really, REALLY works. It’s violent yet expressive. Gaudino & Kitson’s inks amplify the grittiness.

            Brian Reber’s colors really bring out the best of Kitson’s work here, giving the book the look and feel it needs on each and every scene. The action scene’s are cinematic and vivid. The quiet scenes are intimate and full of expression. Kitson really gets into the grit and grime of the book and performs to near perfection. A spectacular job by the art team on the issue.


            Swierczynski writes a great issue. While there is still have a good amount of action, character development rules the issue. The pacing of the issue works well with the battle in the middle of the issue. Swierczynski gives us a very compelling, multi-faceted Bloodshot who is being a leader while still being lost himself. Kara proves to be strong support and the sub plot with the kids and Project: Rising Spirit was great.
            The kids are varied and give great and various perspectives to the current situation they are in with Bloodshot. The fact that some what to use Bloodshot is ominous on top of the arrival of … oh no. Not telling.

            The writing was really well done as we get to question why Bloodshot is doing what he’s doing while he questions his own past. Really great work from Swierczynski this issue.


            Bloodshot # 10 eases into the Harbinger Wars well as we see Bloodshot take the mantle of father and leader to the group of children he rescued. There were moral conflicts, physical conflicts and emotional conflicts that were relevant and helped making the issue hold a lot of power. This is a very different road Bloodshot is on now. And with great art and superb story, we’re along for the ride.


   I give Bloodshot # 10 a 9 out of 10. One of the best issues yet and some new tricks from a comic book vet like Barry Kitson is MUCH welcomed. GET IT NOW!


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