Saturday, April 13, 2013

Comic News: Celebrate Gold Digger # 200 with #1-#199 ... FOR FREE!

  Yep. Gold Digger has been one of the most consistently put out books in the indy scene for the last 20 years. And to celebrate the 200th issue, creator Fred Perry has done something really special. If you have never read Gold Digger or just want to catch up, there is no better chance than now as he has posted ALL 199 issues before 200 up on the Antarctic Press website for download.

  Yes. That is right. All 199 issues! PDFs. For FREE! Yes. Free! It's up there now.

  Gold Digger Free Comic Download!

   And I am sure after all those free issues, you'd pay for # 200. So check it out, tell your friends.

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