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Ghost Adventures Review: Season 7 Episode 28

Ghost Adventures return to 

Goldfield Hotel... Again... 

Nick Groff, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin The Ghost Adventures Crew
Ghost Adventures third episode on Goldfield Hotel in Virginia City marks my return to Paranormal Television reviewing.
I stopped reviewing paranormal shows for a while because the shows I watched fell flat on their faces. The Syfy show “Ghost Hunters” is not worth my time and energy to watch and review.  They have sold out and are only in it for money and ratings in my personal opinion. I do not mean any disrespect to the TAPS crew I’m sure they’re wonderful people and I could never do what they do, however they need to take control of their show and stop having cooperate involvement. 
EMF sensitivity does not explain every claim of paranormal activity in a place that has a long history of activity. You have greatly disappointed me. 
The Dead Files, on the travel channel, has always been terrible, but I don’t know about the episodes I missed. I seriously doubt they improved much because their backwards and inside out story telling format is still in place. The only improvement was letting (formerly) silent Matt talk although he’s saying things Amy’s already said, but it’s an improvement and I’ll accept it for what little it’s worth. 
Ghost Adventures, my pride and joy, the show I told everyone to watch if they want to see real paranormal evidence on a televised show, took a massive downward spiral.  Somewhere around season five the format changed, Zak started telling us everything that happened before it happened and then it was shown; completely killing any suspense the show was building. That is not how you keep an audience built on the suspense of wondering if anything will happen. 
However when this season aired their popularity soared. They started gaining an audience, an audience of sheep from what I’ve seen on Twitter. I believe a true fan should have the ability to criticize the thing they love the most. If you refuse to open your eyes and gobble everything up without question then how can you tell when the wool is being pulled over your eyes? 
I thought the wool was being pulled over my eyes, but then Goldfield Hotel: Redemption aired. This episode was completely different from previous episodes. There was a lack of being hand fed the evidence before it happened. There was no breakdown of evidence on an imposed chart on the television in the middle of the show. It felt like the episode took of the training wheels and let the viewers’ ride with adult wheels. Goldfield Hotel: Redemption was the breath of fresh air greatly needed for the series. It revived my faith in the show and the GAC crew.
Let me state now: I am fully aware that paranormal activity is unpredictable and you can’t walk into a place and demand for something to happen and then it happens. I am aware that they have no control over what they catch and don’t catch. I am also aware their Virginia City based episodes and their documentary are some of my favorite episodes, but I can and am willing to put any biases aside for the sake of good or bad episodes of Paranormal television.
This describes the show with 100% accuracy.
In this episode, they did what they’ve always said they wanted to do. They got evidence. They proved there’s something on the other side. They did no rely on ‘High EMF field sensitivity’ for every single thing that happened. That might be a valid excuse but I doubt high electromagnetic fields can physically manipulate objects, throw them a lengthy distance and strike an object so hard it bounces off an object and ricochets in another direction. EMF fields do not cause sudden mood changes and outbursts like the one Zak Bagans had when he nearly broke Aaron’s camera.
The voiceovers that Zak does in post-production were not overbearing they went back to their original foreshadowing. “… A spirit arrived that seemed to remember us” Zak finished explaining that they were trying to communicate with the ghost of Elizabeth and he says that about the Ovulus, it comes to life and says “Nick” although it can only provide one word answers remembering them could have meant anything. The spirit came through and said Nick’s name. If any of the voiceovers were suspense killers, they were few and far between. They might have been necessary as well. 
I feel the need to mention the explanation of the events that happen when the EVP of “Let Me Have It,” was captured seemed to be a little annoying but at the same time it helped prepare me for what I was about to see. It could have been a little shorter and less extensive but I am nitpicking. 
I wish with all my heart the shadow Zak saw was caught on another camera. I’ve watched the episode twice; it was shown on an exterior camera, it might have been hard to see though.  Another slight ‘downside’ would have been the pause in the investigation to consult with their audio tech people Billy and Jay. Usually those moments kill episodes and they rarely recover. This meeting was necessary so it didn’t slow the pace down that much, the only reason it slowed was because of the intense moment that happened before hand with Zak, but it picks up right again afterwards.
As for physical spectral evidence, when they get footsteps they’re audible even before they cleaned up the section and show it so you can actually hear it. They were so loud they sent Aaron upstairs to go check there was no audio contamination. I will not spoil this whole episode but I have listed some of the great examples of their evidence. I hope the following two episodes of season seven, are just as good as this episode. When I say “just as good as this episode”, I mean a return to the format of their earlier seasons.
All I have left to say is this: if they stayed in Virginia City did they stay in the Mizpah Hotel and if so, did anything happen while they slept?
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