Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Action Labs Month: Ghost Town # 1 Review

Written by Dave Dwonch
Art by Justin Greenwood & Brian Dyck
Action Labs: Danger Zone


            We open to young “college aged” scientist making a major breakthrough (Slight SPOILER), they are about to send objects through time. When the breakthrough happens, it signals the beginning of a mount conspiracy against the country and its current regime. With CIA looking for the culprits, the American Reclamation Front make national threats which will lead to decimation and the reason why the title of the book is apt for it.

            As Agents Bronson and Hendricks lead the charge to bring down the terrorist group as the stakes get higher and higher after the destruction of more than 1 American City.  As the final confrontation comes to head … we find a very neat twist at the end of the story showing that this is far from over.


            Justin Greenwood gives a strong showing with his pencils and inks on this issue. While the style might seem rough, Greenwood makes it work extremely well. Everyone looks distinct. The President looks like the President. The action looks good and the more mundane scene really look good. Dyck provides good colors that liven up Greenwood’s pencils and inks.  The muted colors worked to give mystique to the story and keep its more conspiracy, thriller tone.

            The backgrounds are simple yet appealing. My only real gripe is that some of Greenwood’s pencils of the President are good, but others are looked a bit rushed. But overall, there my only real gripe artistically. This tandem worked well together in this outing and looking forward to more.


            Dwonch weaves a great thriller with a sci-fi edge. The sci-fi edge is very limited but essential in the plot and Dwonch makes sure readers know that. From the beginning of the story to the final panel. Time Travel in any stories is tricky but Dwonch handles it with ease, enhancing this thriller.

            Dwonch shows us very interesting characters … even if they may not be around long. Hendricks and Bronson felt real in terms of reactions and what they were trying to accomplished. The American Reclamation Front felt like realistic and very devoted to their cause. This only made them more frightening … particularly at the end.

            I will admit, I was a little confused by Emil in the book because while he says he’s not a fighter, he clearly has no problem using weapons. That felt odd. Otherwise, Dwonch delivers a good paced, solid sci-fi, conspiracy thriller with Ghost Town.


            While I did have a couple small gripes, Ghost Town # 1 delivers an enjoyable, gripping and hauntingly realistic look at technology and terrorism today. Good, solid art with a strong, thought provoking story that keeps you on your toes make this one shot a great opener to eventually because an ongoing … I hope. Great job by Dwonch, Greenwood, Dyck and crew.


            With the destruction of 2 American Cities and a trippy, smart script, I give Ghost Town # 1 an 8.5 out of 10. This book has potential and is worth the buy. Get it.

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