Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Harbinger Wars # 2 Review

Written by Duane Swierczynski & Joshua Dysart
Art by Clayton Henry, Pere Perez & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


            We open with a helicopter crashing into a casino in Vegas. Generation Zero has arrived and they find regular humanity disgusting. Meanwhile, we got Harada vs Bloodshot in an epic showdown – complete with some of Harada’s Harbingers vs some of the psiots that Bloodshot rescued. We get the reactive action of the H.A.R.D. Corps beginning. And finally, we end with Pete’s Renegades coming to Vegas.


            The consistency in the art this issue helped. Clayton Henry and Pere Perez really put a lot of effort and power into their work during this issue. Panel by panel, there was a lot of energy in the line work and the inking of the panels. There was dynamic action. There was very gruesome battles. And Henry and Perez shined by giving it to us. My only thing was at times, the inks seemed a bit faded or flat.

            Otherwise, Henry and Perez really do a great job rendering the extremely incredible events of Harbingers Wars # 2. Reber’s colors really added to the arts dynamic look and the feel for the book. Particularly with Baxter’s Monster … which was both simple yet terrifying. Good job by Henry, Perez & Reber.

            This issue, we got a lot of solid writing from Swierczynski and Dysart. We got motivations behind Generation Zero. We got a slobber knocker of a battle between Harada and Bloodshot. Some secrets to Harada and Bloodshot were revealed.  We get our first glimpse of H.A.R.D.  Corps.  We get a little more on Project Rising Spirit.. We got a chance to look at various characters that are NOT stars in their own books in this issue. And we got great set up for what is to come in not only issue 3 but both Bloodshot and Harbinger also.

            I am more and more intrigued by Christian and the rest of Generation Zero. I also like that there is a lot of diversity  in super powers with these new characters. Psychic surgeon. Can make animals they see into physical shells for their bodies. It is definitely a testament to both writers how diverse the powers are. The story itself is solid. There are a lot of human elements within the fantastic and gory events playing out. Every scene last as long as it need it to. Not to long and not to short.

            I applauld both writers for find their rythym in this story cause it is truly paying off. Great pacing. Excellent characterizations. Really innovative ideas and concepts being used. This event is a breath of fresh air compared to the many other events that have happened. Great job Dysart and Swierczynski.


            Harbinger Wars # 2 is a strong issue that continues to add upon what has happened before while shining as an issue with revelations and knock down battles. This issue really had great balance and good art. I am certainly looking forward to what will happen next.


            I give Harbinger Wars # 2 an 8 out of 10. Besides the inks, this was a great issue. Pick it up.  

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