Saturday, April 20, 2013


Cats out of the bag.

Here is one of my new titles launching soon!

Special thanks to Edward Phillip Bola on colors and Oscar Saavedra's logo!

No shit like this in comics!

I promise you.

Story by Mercedez Gully

Art by O.M.G

Back on April 12th, I reported that Mario Gully (OMG) had decided on his new comic Bugg. Many have come forward and stated that it looked exactly like Ant which is now owned by Erik Larsen. There was a recent spat between the two creators over the direction of ANT due to some racy art pages drawn by OMG. However, they seemed to have ended the fight rather easily. Recently OMG has been asking for investors to invest in a new property of his, and then the following week this comic cover was release as the new comic property he would  be doing with his daughter.

I had wondered if Larsen would react to this. Well he has already spoken, and this is what he said over twitter.

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