Saturday, April 20, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK # 37 - To Catch A Killer . . .


Power Rangers SPD

   We get our first taste of SPD on the countdown with this week's story. We start with our Legacy Ranger, Skye. Skye has, throughout the series, been trying to live up to his father, who was also a Power Rangers ... that wore the Red Time Force Ranger suit ... with an SPD logo on it. Skye started out hating our Red Ranger, Jack, but had come to respect him. Kat was imputing the new Battlizer for Jack when Skye said put him next only to be told that it was only for the Red Ranger. Skye lives and Jack goes after him. After another talk about not living up to his father's expectations, Skye reveals that he feels like he's failed to Jack. Jack says the now infamous and powerful line "... Heroes come in all colors."

   Meanwhile, a vicious attack by a monster leaves the SPD Rangers beaten and stumped because the criminal, known as Slate, can be anybody he wants. Skye is then sent to a prison planet where he must cover all his reflective surfaces because supposedly, the criminal Mirloc, can travel through mirror surfaces. Skye and Mirloc do a pretty damn good Hannibal Lecter and Clareese impression as Skye gets hints to what he needs.  Skye tells Jack and Jack ... with his metal thong and then the full battlizer to kill Slate and the copies that seem to spring from him ... Long story.

 Skye returns, as Mirloc requested. Mirloc shares how he killed Skye's father.Skye's shaken enough that a single tear falls. And Mirloc's planned worked. He escapes through Skye's lone tear.

    SPD chases after Mirloc but they are taken down one by one. Skye, with some help from Sam, frees his friends. Jack loans Skye the battlizer to take down Mirloc.

   And that was Reflection, parts 1 & 2.

This two parter really did a lot of good:

 - We learned of Skye's backstory with HOW his father died & who killed him.

 - We got more development from both Jack and Skye, really cementing their friendship while also seeing the  men they have become because of SPD.

 - The new battlizer which was pretty cool for the most part.

- Mirloc proved to be a great villain throughout the 2 parter.

Unfortunately, the fact that Skye's dad is wearing a Time Force Uniform leaves much to the imagination. Since his last name is Tate, it would be assumed that he is NOT Wes's son. Yet ... does that mean was that the real Time Force Outfit or a facsimile? Or what  if Skye IS Wes's son but just hidden? We  don't know nor will we ever know.

 Another gripe is that while the other rangers were there, because of this focusing on Skye, they were in the background ... a bit too much. I don't mind having focus but it did seem that most of the team save for Jack, Sam & Skye were pretty much limited in this two parter.

  Those are why this 2-parter is # 37 and not higher or lower.

Still, this was a great 2 parter. Check it out when you can. That's it for this week. Get more next week. Till then, May the Power Protect You! 

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