Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shrugged vol.2 #2 Review

Back into the world of Shrugged. The issue picks up where the first left off; reintroducing characters from the first season and introducing new ones. Theo's guardian angels are at it again with their appropriately stereotypical behavior. Dev (a demon like guardian) continues to be the wild man, while Ange (you guessed it, an angel like guardian) continues to be polite and proper; putting him in his place.

The overall story moves forward through the events happening in the realm of Perspecta, home of the guardians. An unseen assailant, presumably the villain witnessed at the end of issue #1, is murdering and terrorizing the citizens of Perspecta. But it's what happens with Theo back on Earth that gets the most attention in this issue. Our main character has gotten himself caught in a sort of love rectangle. Dev seems to think it's good news. But we'll have to keep reading to see if it's the contrary.

The art is solid as it was before. Each realm is distinct and different. You can easily distinguish Earth from Perspecta. My only qualm was during the football game. I got the two cheerleader love interests confused. Theo had just bumped into one and then another popped up and said "Hey you made it." I thought, "What the hell? Didn't we just speak with you broad?" After flipping back I realized they were two separate characters; blonde and brunette. Would be nice to have a stronger distinction, as rhe blonde's hair is kind of a dirty blonde.They both so easily fit the 'popular cheerleader' motif. But maybe that was the point. And what's up with Kiori wearing a shirt that says 'Joey'? Something I missed from the first series run?

Shrugged vol. 2 #2 gets a 4 out of 5.

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