Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cosplay Hottie of April

 With Spring finally upon us its starting to heat up outside and right here on the Broken Infinite with the lovely Anastassia Bear 

 What are your favorite geek vices of choice? Anime and videogames! 

 What got you into anime/comics etc? I remember seeing Sailor Moon on television sometime around 1995 and I fell in love with the ridiculous antics of the show - then a couple years later seeing Cowboy Bebop for the first time and from then on I was a lost cause! As for videogames I'd been playing Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario since as long as I can remember.
 What got you into cosplay? I was really into anime as a kid and my first convention was the first Ikki-Con ever. I've been going to cons for about 7 years now. I always loved to dress up and the first time I went to a convention I realized I was not the only one! Being around so many other people who loved to cosplay made me feel comfortable enough to start really getting into it.
 What are some of your favorite anime/games? My top favorite anime is 'When they Cry', but I'm also a huge Ghost in the Shell fan, as well as Akira, .Hack//Sign, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent and all the studio Ghibli films (mostly Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, and Spirited Away.) My favorite games include (but are not limited to) .Hack series (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine) Kingdom Hearts, FFVII, Okage: Shadow King, WoW, Animal Crossing... etc, the list goes on forever! 
 What are your favorite foods? Indian cuisine is my ABSOLUTE favorite! Tandoori chicken *drools*
 What is the best part of cosplaying? In my opinion the best part of cosplaying is being able to be someone else, whoever you choose, for a period of time. I love portraying the character in full costume. It's like, for a moment, no one knows me, just the character I am.


  1. Who the hell picked this girl? She's not even hot. She's a 5/10 at best. Someone needs to stop being lazy.

  2. I agree with the guy above, she looks like a man...

  3. C'mon beauty is up to the eye of the beholder. I don't believe she looks like a man. Plus it is kind of cowardly to say such things without using your actual name lol