Monday, April 22, 2013

X-O Manowar # 12 Review

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Cary Nord & Moose Baumann
Valiant Comics


            Aric continues to walk with the devoted priest of Shanhara as our hero’s hot head temper and thirst for revenge leads him to a battle where he loses the armor. Those that want Aric killed raise the states after Aric wakes up finding more allies on the Vine Homeworld ... including ….


            Nord blesses us with great work here. The backgrounds are lush and interesting. The characters looking very distinct. The action looks great too. The semi-heavy inks work well with his style while you get a sense of power in his work. Nord is giving us a great panel work. Yet, I wish he would me a bit more adventurous with his panels. It is very classic comic book story telling, which is good. Still, sharp pencils and solid inks are only made better with Baumann grand palet that he displays this issue. Battles look great and the explosions vivid. Kudoes to Nord and Baumann on a solid issue.


            Last issue started with an aggressively huge opening shot. This issue slowed things down a bit. We got great interplay with the Shanhara Priest and Aric. We get great development as we find our hero not controlling his temper … which leads to him losing the armor. The action was good, the interactions with the characters were fine. The fact that time still passed on the Vine Homeworld is also a testament. Yet … Fine seems to take up the majority of the issue.

            While I do like it slowed down and we got some interesting reveals, nothing in this issue was making me go “oh my god.” When Aric lost the armor, I was genuinely surprised that he was save. Yet, the issue as a whole is good but Venditti has written better. And what I thought was gonna happen this issue is now hinted to happen next (not going to spoil it). Still, there is a lot of good with this issue as Venditti let’s us dive in with the characters.


            Venditti wrote a good issue and Nord and Baumann rendered it spendidly. Yet, the slower pace this issue seemed to hurt it more than help it. The reveals were good but nothing too earth shattering (in my mind). Yet, the characterizations continue to be interesting and I am looking forward to what will happen next.


            Not the best issue of X-O Manowar but certainly not a bad issue either. I rate X-O Manowar # 12  a 7.5 out of 10. It’s good. Get it. The slower pace might or might not turn  you off but still a good issue. 

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