Friday, April 12, 2013

Yugioh Card of the Week: 4/12/13


To start off April we will bring you the latest Yugioh Card of the Week and this time we step away from the 5Ds era and now heading to Zexal.   This week we will be focusing on non other then Yuma's favorite card NBumber 39: Utopia.  Exceed Cards work similar to Synchros except instead of adding monster card levels this time you use monsters with the same levels.  To summon Utopia you will need two monsters with same level in order to summon it.  However Exceed cards work differently then any other card in the game.  This is because instead of sacrificing the monsters and putting them in the graveyard they actually go under the Exceed monsters as shields and used for other effects.  Utopia's power allows you to use one of the monsters under it as a shield to protect its destruction which is a quite handy effect.  Also whats good about Exceed monsters is that they are even easier to summon then Synchros so its easier to pull off the winning play.  If you haven't started using Exceed monsters I suggest you should start off with Utopia since he is one of the easier monsters to summon and has a pretty nifty effect to go along with it. 

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