Friday, April 12, 2013

Special Report: Action Labs Danger Zone Needs YOU to Kickstart It!!

  As we celebrate Action Labs month here on The Broken Infinite (& on The Ikaricast), we here like to take a moment and tell you that Action Labs needs your help. The new Danger Zone imprint is about to launch with various, mature reader titles. These titles are varied and full of complex, adult situations and themes. Yet, Action Labs needs you help to really make sure that Danger Zone can shoot off to immaculate success.

The Action Labs: Danger Zone Kickstarter is up and running with 11 days left. And there is something for everyone if you donate just $5 all the way to $1000. And the further up you go, the more you get back from this rising company. Action Labs has already been nominated for 2 Eisner Awards, which makes the company a force to be reckoned with. The Kickstarter promises everything from PDFs of comics from the Action Labs: Danger Zone line like The Trip, Double Jumpers, Night of the 80s Undead, Ehmm Theory & more to actually meeting with the Action Labs crew, spending time with them and getting publishing credit in one of their comics.

  Now, we in Broken Infinite believe in their books because we have reviewed them, such as:

Double Jumpers Review  by Jeremias de Leon (Xaos)

The Trip Review by Frankie Rodriguez (yes, me)

Ehmm Theory # 1 by Frankie Rodriguez  (yep, me again)

Ghost Town # 1 by (you guessed it) Frankie Rodriguez

Please check out our reviews of the titles we already looked at to get our impressions of them. And visit the Action Labs: Danger Zone Kickstarter for full details on all the awards you can get for donate.

  So check it out and donate today. Thank you.

 Broken Infinite EIC & Founder

   Frankie Rodriguez (Seraph)

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