Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bloodshot # 11 Review

Written by Duane Swiercyznski
Art by Barry Kitson, Stefano Gaudiano & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


            We get an extended battle between Bloodshot and Harada (that took place in Harbinger Wars # 2) with more details of what the Harada Protocals were doing inside of Bloodshot. And it’s gruesome. Plus, learn as to how prepared Bloodshot REALLY is.


Kitson is showing that he still has plenty of tricks up his sleeves. The veteran’s style is so different in this book. Sharper. Darker. And it fits the tone of Bloodshot. This issue is very balls to the wall with graphic imagery from all the damage Bloodshot takes. Kitson and Gaudiano sharply displays the damage Bloodshot takes, his literal inner struggle and what happens. Kitson really presents us with charming children alongside destroyed faced heroes with class. Bloodshot is horrifying yet human as Kitson brings that out during his battle with Harada.

            The sharper inks that Gaudiano and Kitson used on Kitson’s pencils really worked with the tone of the issue. This was a down and dirty battle that was rendered extremely well. Reber’s colors only enhanced the insanity that this issue presented. Kudos to the team for a great issue.


            This issue has some of what we saw in Harbinger Wars # 2 and more. Swierczynski definitely presents us a war machine who is finding his humanity and it is not more evident than it was in this issue as he battled Harada. Bloodshot’s inner struggle with the Harada Protocal definitely opened a lot with the character as it went from showing him as the killing machine that is his reputation to him taking back his humanity during the course of the battle; which only cements Bloodshot as more than just a Punisher Clone.  The added inner struggle made the battle against Harada that much better. The pacing of the issue was great. And Kara is become a favorite of mine. I hope there is much more with her.

            Revelations, a man turned into a machine fighting back to be a man … this issue really displayed how far Bloodshot has come since the first issue nearly a year ago. Great dialogue and well written story in the background of an epic battle really made this issue a treat.  Yet, I felt that because of the few and far in between moments between the other characters … they were left for the dust.


            Smart writing with good art makes this book enjoyable. You don’t have to read Harbinger Wars # 2 to enjoy this issue and while Bloodshot shines over all, it is a great character piece admist a REALLY all out battle.


            I enjoyed the issue.  While the supporting cast got very little looked at this issue, Bloodshot, as a character, really evolved more. I give Bloodshot # 11 an 8 out of 10. 

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