Monday, May 6, 2013

StraightForward Reviews: Executive Assistant: Assassins 10

The latest in Aspen's EA: Assassins is ready for us. Does it still hold up?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Things come to a head in this issue as the Assassin's fight for their lives against Mazutsu's forces and Rose. There is stuff here that I just can't spoil and it's done really well too. What I will say is that the writing in this issue is a shining example for how good this series really can be. The characters in this book are proving that they are definitely more fleshed out than what some passersby seeing this series in the stands might think. You're going to be more interested in them after reading this issue no doubt about it. I can't spoil what happens but man, is it heavy.


Funny thing, the penciler and colorist are the same here as in issue 1 but there is an evolution in the art that if you didn't know better you might think they were a different team. The style isn't drastically different but the details have gotten better and the dynamism in the action panels are so much better than before. In terms of making your eyes happy, this book delivers.


The latest in EA: Assassins has a lot going for it. The story is interesting and the art is better than before and there's something that happens that well, you'd think would happen to someone else. I give this issue a 9 out of 10.

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