Sunday, May 5, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK # 36: And All Bad Guys Wear WHITE

White Thunder/Truth and Consequences
Power Rangers Dino Thunder

            Welcome to another segment of Evil Ranger Theater. This time, We get the tragic tale of White Dino Thunder Ranger, Trent. Trent is the adopted son that we were introduced to earlier in Dino Thunder. As time went on, we saw that Trent was a good guy who’s dad, Anton Mercer, was kind of a jerk. Yet, things began to change after Trent stumbled into an invisa-portal where after Elsa finds a slap bracelet with a white gem on it … Trent finds it attached to his hands and gives him all this great power.

            Trent, unknowingly at first, has become the White Ranger. As things go along, the White Ranger is friend to NO ONE at first. He attacks Mesogog’s forces. He attacks the Rangers and wipes the floor with them. Yet, Trent is exhausted every so often … not sure how he came to be where he was.

            Meantime, Mesogog wants him. The Rangers want to take him down. Kira wants to jump his bones. Trent and the White Ranger start out as two distinct different people at first. But as time goes on, and he says this to Kira at the end of Truth and Consequences, that he can’t seem to control it and its taking him over.

            Yet, the Rangers aren’t the only ones who find out about Trent during Truth and Consequences. Mesogog also finds out that Trent is the White Ranger … which leads to some later storylines. At the end of this 4 parter … the White Ranger has won. He’s corrupting Trent and all that he knows and loves to the point where Trent leaves it behind. He’s beaten back the Rangers. He’s encased Tommy in amber. And he’s taken 2 of the Rangers zords.

            This was a different and exciting way for an evil ranger to come in. Instead of a spell instantly turning someone evil … this slowly happened over time. Trust became an issue amongst the Rangers. Tommy getting taken out  … at least for a short time, allowed Conner to really start calling the shots. Trent’s struggle with the White Ranger powers and persona was gripping.

            What pulled this down was the antics of Cassidy and Devin. Their looking for the identity of the White Rangers was reminiscent of Bulk and Skulls journey but rather boring. Also, Truth and Consequences, in my mind, is White Thunder Part 4 and should have been named as such. Those are what pushing this story down to the # 36 spot. 

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