Monday, May 13, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK # 35: Blue Insecurities and Sword of Damocles

Mondo’s Last Stand
Power Rangers Zeo

            This week, we go back to Power Rangers Zeo as we get into some great character development for Rocky and Jason. With Jason’s return to the team, Rocky is feeling left out. So much so that this crazy blue Ranger decides that after Mondo brings out the Sword of Damocles …. YES … THE SWORD OF FRELLIN’ DAMOCLES, he’ll take him on his own.

            As Mondo grows big and trashes the city, Rocky comes in with his Super Zeo Zord to only find himself getting beaten up. Mondo, with the power of the Sword, makes quick work of Zeo Ranger 3 Blue. Rocky ends up going back to the Command Center … facing his friends. After Tommy and the others ask why would do something so insane. He answers that he’s felt out of place since Jason’s come back.

            After a small heart to heart with Jason and the others, they go into action against Mondo and unleash … for the first time, the Super Zeo Megazord. Like the Sword of Damocles of legend, Mondo meets his end at the hands of the Rangers.  The others celebrate … with a chuckle (what? No WOOHOO?!) and Rocky makes nice with Jason.

            Why oh why does THIS episode so high on this list compared to others. There are several reasons. 1 – There was a large amount of development for Rocky and some for Jason. 2 – It is the first time we see a Ranger going into action alone out of sake of wanting to prove himself . . .  even after being a Ranger for several years. 3 – Mondo’s own arrogance actually pays off towards his own end. 4 – Ron Wasserman Music!!!  5 – Tommy was NOT a focus of this episode. 6 – We got a great sparring match to open with Jason … and Adam. 7 -  Rocky’s insecurity was laid to bare fully while having small hints of it during this past season.  8 – And the Sword of Damocles takes another victim in Mondo. 9 – The series was not done yet and the Rangers took out a major enemy!

            This is a GEM out of Zeo. And even though most of the Machine Empire was a joke, it did take care of Mondo … twice.  It was great to see Rocky get great development. And that’s all for this segment.  Till next time, May the Power Protect You! 

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