Monday, May 13, 2013

Transformers Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen Review

Its great that we finally get a good representation of Smokescreen in toy form since the Arms Micron version wasn't exactly spot on.  The character definitely deserved his own mold and its great that Hasbro provided us one. There are some minor issues including missing/ inaccurate paint and some loose joints that causes some problems with posing but not enough to ruin the figure completely. The only major issue I have with him is the windows on his wings and the hood pieces on his arms but it would be kind of hard to put the anywhere else in a sense.  One thing that I wished it came with was his phase shifter especially since the toyline was giving us a bunch of the show used weapons. With the few complaints aside I still believe that this figure is worth it and if you happen to find one in your store I recommend you picking it up.

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