Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mike Maverick Archives - Mike Maverick Ace Reviewer: Turnabout Turtles

The first episode of the Mike Maverick Archive series.  The look back at my past projects, v-logs and many more.  During the time of film-making back in 2010, I was really want to make a review show in the past.

Now in before I came up with the Ace Gamer Show (which is a hit BTW) I decided to a review on a certain classic title called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"   for the NES.  Now, I was wandering, "why can't I come up with a series that's based on the Phoenix Wright game?"  which I did and came up with the show called "Mike Maverick: Ace Reviewer".

The concept is ok, the value was a huge success, but the problem is the production was low, and lack of voice actors.

I wanna thank Uberwall who played Phoenix Wright and Lucca the VA as Maya Fey.

I was thinking about bringing back the concept again, but I until that day comes, just enjoy this one and check out my later episodes of the Ace Gamer Show coming ahead.

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