Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Broken Infinite - the Home of Turnabout Entertainment!

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Maverick.  Founder of the production, Turnabout Entertainment, the head engineer and voice over for Shrinetime Entertainment Podcast, the contributor for We Rise Mag and Caiminds.

I want to state that the reason why I have left the Broken Infinite is because of rushed production values, thinking about balancing the quanity and quality of my work.  I more focus on the imagery of my work instead of updating my work like I use to.  For that, I'm deeply apologizing to the fans of my work, my colleagues from B.I. and Caiminds, and everyone else who I nearly alienated for the past two months or so.  For that I will try to atone from the past mistakes I made and I will try to keep updating for you guys.  Making Turnabout Entertainment as part of Broken Infinite.  Also, I will help contribute and produce more stuff for Broken Infinite and  most of the websites I'm part of as well.

Here are a few things I will be uploading...

  • the Ace Gamer Show
  • Mike Maverick Archives
  • Shrinetime Entertainment Podcast (hosted by Charles "DJ Money Sempai" )
I will start small and it will be I dunno a weekly or Bi-Weekly bases.  I will upload 3 stuff this week and I will give you guys the said schedule of my updates going to be.  Until then, you will see more of me on this site as I entertain for great justice.

Mike Maverick,
founder of Turnabout Entertainment.

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