Sunday, June 2, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Executive Assistant Assassins 11

The Executive Assistants are back. The last issue had a big shake up, just how is the world of Executive Assistants holding up?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This issue focuses on the backstory of a new assassin. No information on what kind of role she'll play or why she's being shown now but after the big events in the last issue getting new players on the EA: Assassins stage seems likely and she just may be a new protagonist, or antagonist even.

The assassin shown here is a woman named Rani who was trained by her father. We get development of her character through flashbacks with her father, showing how her training is, the relationship with her father and her knack for certain things which later shows to give her an edge over other assassins. 

The writing in this definitely exceeded my expectations even with my expectations being raised since starting to read this series. 


The artist is different than previous issues but does a fantastic job. The characters all look like they're alive, not necessarily ultra realistic but they never look stagnant or like cut outs. When they move they look like they're flowing. Cool fight scenes, big explosions this book is full of them and they look great.


Executive Assistant Assassins has always been a fun read and this issue adds character development to that. The art is different but still fantastic. Definitely a good starting point for new readers as this issue focuses on a totally new story and character. You won't need to have read previous issues to understand and the writing is solid and will have you intrigued. I give this issue a 9 out of 10.

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