Monday, May 20, 2013

Straight Forward Reviews: Jirni #2

Hey guys welcome to another edition of Straight Forward Reviews! This time we're looking at issue 2 of Aspen Comics' Jirni. A series that's been getting some hype behind it and has been selling well with it's debut. How does issue 2 hold up?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This issue begins with Ara traveling with the companion she made in the first issue. As for how that happened, go read that first issue. Ara is determined to look for anything that can help her find her mother and in this issue we see some parallels to her own story with the person she agrees to help. Though of course not exactly the same, as you would see when you get to the end of the issue.

One word comes to mind when it comes to Ara and what I feel from her in this comic. That word is determination. There's some more detailed flashbacks on what happened to her and how she got to be how she is. It really makes her resolve and her anger and sorrow palpable.

There's also a lot of mystery going on. Though you may be able to see where some things are going it's still intriguing plus, just because things look like they're going one way it's very possible it could do a 180. The writing in this really is a lot better than you might think.


The art is truly gorgeous. The effects of Ara's power and the other magically powered beings magic are done really well. The action scenes are fluid and brutal. It's almost like a ballet of destruction in a way whenever Ara fights. The characters themselves are designed beautifully. They all have grace to them and the coloring work, with a lot of purples and blues mixed in with earth tones gives the comic a feel that there is magic at work because it's so different looking from the rest of the world. Even after reading the comic you might want to go back and just look at the art again because it's so pretty.


I was honestly much more impressed by this work than I thought I would be. The writing isn't bad and the art is well, in plain english, just so darn pretty I can't see why I would stop anyone from picking this up. I give Jirni #2 a deserved 9 out of 10.

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