Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1st Impression: HARBINGER WARS # 3

Written by Duane Swierczynski & Joshua Dysart
Art by Clayton Henry, Pere Perez & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics 


  We see things coming together. The Renegades plan with Cronus's group within the casino. Bloodshot's group make their way into the city of Las Vegas with ease. The HARD Corps are reactivated ... and it isn't pretty as the process to reactive their bio-wet work in their body.Palmer even pukes at one point. Each side comes in and we see the collision start. Generation Zero faces off with the newly reactived HARD Corps. Bloodshot's crew ends up meeting the Renegades. Sides are being manipulated and casualties start. And Harada ... well ... he don't look happy. AT ALL.

    I can start with the fact that Henry & Perez do a great job this issue on the art. It flows well. The panels are nice with dynamic, expressive shots (dude, the puking ....gross). There were A LOT of characters drawn this issue but Henry and Perez handled it with ease. Emotion was conveyed extremely well (final panel will give you nightmares just cause the look). Reber's colors really bring out the best in the pencils and inks from the artists. The fights were exciting to look at and the tension was caught amazingly by Henry, Reber & Perez. A good job over all.


  Harbinger Wars was like that episode right before things start in an anime and at the end of the episode, it does and you are just feeling so hype. The way Swierczynski and Dysart tie all the plotlines together was so amazingly fluid that I could not believe it at first. The character dialogue felt real and was not wasteful. There was a LARGE cast here but each cast member was displayed well. Nothing felt out of place or dragged too long. There was a concentration on the HARD Corps ... which makes sense given that besides Palmer, they were introduced this issue. The way the HARD Corps work and their other members ... all things we needed to understand and we get showing them quickly and efficently. I also enjoy that Swierczynski & Dysart made sure that being a HARD Corps was not all fun and games. There is definitely a toll you pay if you are a HARD Corp and both writers showed us that. I also like how Pete Stanchek really starts to show himself as a strong leader. He's really starting to shine as the battle beigns in earnest. The twins calling out for each other and their need to get together again felt authentic. The issue continued to build and build and build without it not slowing down. A very well written issue. I loved this issue even more than last issue. Dysart & Swierczynski continue give us an event that just gets better and better with each plot and payoff it has.



    This event has yet to disappoint me. Not once. Each issue is better and better. Art is good and getting better as it goes. The plots are being dealt with in a very organic pace and way. The characters are diverse with their own feelings, voice and motiivations that make you find at least one or two characters you can relate to. The stakes are high. The action is ever growing and building.
  This has truly been a great event that makes me excited and I look forward to what comes next.


  I give Harbinger Wars # 3 a 9 out of 10. A strong showing. Buy it now.

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