Friday, June 7, 2013


Written by Scott Beach
Art by
Stanley Weaver Jr, Shawn Alleyne & Blair Smith


            We start with our hero coming to another country in a devastated city. As he walks over to see only one victim still alive … long enough to see that last man die. Suddenly, Cronus is attacked by our villain who joins him on the Marquee, Black Cloud. And it’s pretty brutal from the get go. Black Cloud is seemingly faster, stronger and possibly, smarter than our hero.

            The battle is epic with damage, destroyed buildings and more. As the battle goes on, it is clear who the victor is and how much trouble the battle revealed for the future.


            The art this issue was really good. The edgy-ness of Alleyne’s inks really brings out Weaver’s pencils this issue. While there were little amount of characters, Weaver and Alleyne really do a good job of angle and sharp panel work. There is definite influences of anime and Superman fights in this that really show but are done with class and style that make it appealing. Classic tropes like WHAM were neatly seasoned over the story.

            There is a new age look with classic comic sensible. This was an epic better for the majority of the book and it was definitely stunning to look at. Blair Smith’s colors only amplified the intensity of the work, giving us a strong showing. The battles are kinetic. The backgrounds are good. And the anatomy is hyper realized. Real solid work from the art team. My only gripe is the pictures where it’s distanced away … some look good, a couple looked a bit off. Still, a solid job.


            You know, there is a lot of information in this issue that was missing. We don’t know what country Cronus was in. We don’t know the origins of  Black Cloud and Cronus. Yet, Beach makes the issue accessible with a brief synopsis of events and who Cronus is. Beach gives us a great classic comic book writing style with exposition in boxes done extremely well. We get to see the thoughts of our hero while also getting some sharp writing from Beach.  The book does not insult your intelligence as it gives you good narration as we watch a WAR between these two combatants.

            Beach created a mockingly, enjoyable villain in Black Cloud. He certainly seems like he’s smart and he loves verbally messing with his foe. The little moments at the beginning and end of personal reflection and seeing a bit of Cronus’s world does make it intriguing. For a first issue, while not telling us much, it did give us a lot. Grand battle between 2 strong, smart and powerful people. Cronus is a slave to duty while Black Cloud is evil for the sake of enjoying being evil.

            Dialouge felt natural. The  characters felt real. The battle was epic. The lack of quiet moments only hurts the book slightly as Beach gives you enough intrigue with the expositions, conversations and final pages of the book. I am looking forward to the next issue and Beach has made me a believer of Cronus.


            The art was very good, detailed and gripping. The story was balanced, intriguing and full of energy. While we don’t know much about the characters, the book left you wanting more. And the writing and art is something I think I would find in one of the Big Two. Overall, a class act with this book.


            I give Super Brawl: Cronus vs Black Cloud # 1 an 8 … out of 10. Really good book if you like to see a clash of titans. Pick it up at

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