Friday, June 7, 2013

"Watching Over You" Seabound mini review

"Watching Over You" (Haujobb Remix)


I was planning on doing a double review with Seabound and Neuroticfish but that review has been taking forever because it just is... so in the intrum of trying to finish that I've decided to talk about (or fan-girl) over this amazing song. 

The original "Watching Over You" is on the 2004 album Beyond Flatline but I prefer the remixed version on the Poisonous Friend EP that came out in 2004 as well. Either way the chorus is what hooked me on both songs. I just felt really safe while listening to it, like all my problems and fears didn't matter anymore. I felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of safety and nothing could hurt me while this song was on. I realize how stupid that sounds, but that's how I felt.

"To the crag that braves the tide
To the beacon in the night
I trust in you (and)
I'm watching over you
To the souls that crouch in fear
To the ghosts that disappear
I trust in you (and)
I'm watching over you"

In the remix there's a whole bunch of stuff added to it and I love how it gives the song a very atmospheric touch to it. Frank M Spinath's vocals are just beautiful with the music that seems to put the listener in a trance. It did that for me at least I can't speak for everyone though. I disagree with the vocal distortion on the lyric "... I'm still alive" it was kind of annoying and out of place but it's forgivable.

I highly recommend this song to anyone who is going through a tough time. It might not be your cup of tea, but if you ever feel lonely just listen to this song, it helped me feel like someone somewhere cared about me. I'm aware Frank doesn't know me or anything I've been through and has no reason to care about me, but for some reason I listen to this song and I feel like everything's gone.

Fun fact time: While on tour with Iris, Reagan Jones, the lead singer did a duet with Frank of this song and it's kind of awesome. Also I'm reviewing Iris as well... don't know when but it will happen.

I won't go into too much detail about my feelings towards this song, I still have the other review to do, so overall, love the song get familiar with the band because they're awesome and I'm going to finish that double review... at some point in time.

On an unrelated note, Happy first anniversary to Broken Infinite.


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