Friday, June 21, 2013

1st Impressions: HARBINGER # 13

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Khari Evans,  Trevor Hairsine & Ian Hannin
Valiant Comics


                We continue to look at both how Harada’s war with Project Rising Spirit came to be at the same time, we see the present day leading up to Bloodshot  coming to Vegas and his first match with the Renegades.  We find out how close Hunter & Griffon are to Harada back in 69 as they attack Project Rising Spirit.

                Peter lays out the attack plan to both Generation Zero and the Renegades, making sure readers know what they plan as doing. Meanwhile, we have Faith calling to check on her grandmother … only to have the FBI call but then stop while a Lamp is flowing behind her. It falls as Kris enters to get Faith. As the plan starts to get executed, things go wrong in a big way.


                Evans and Hairsine once again demonstrate their artistic prowess this issue. Hairsine really gives some interesting emotion and action during the 1969 parts of the story. Evans continues to show depth, emotion, action and character that really grab hold of us. The explanation of the plan was done with an efficient and beautifully rendered layout. The poses of Faith and other characters look natural. The characters give great expression in their body language and their facial expression.

                Evans lines are clean and sharp while Hairsine was a bit thicker and sharper but both styles work well together. Hannin’s colors deliver as always, fitting the tones and actions of the scenes. Hannin hits it out of the park making Vegas very bright and sunny cause of the environment.  This group delivers a solid, entertaining issue.


                I admit that Dysart continues to entertain me with a strong issue full of characterization balanced with action. Yes. BALANCED. It was a strong balanced issue.  We got character development with those closest to Harada as well as Harada as well as Faith, Flamingo and Peter.   Dysart works in scenes from Harbinger Wars # 3 and expand upon that.  Flamingo’s fear was pallable. Faith’s concern for her grandmother was definitely relatable. Peter displayed himself like the general that he was foretold of being when this storyline began.  Dysart works the characters beats with the plot well.

                Dysart makes sure that he holds the plots together.  There is balance between going back and forth between stories.  The action and the character moments definite balance the issue out.


                The issue has great character development and action with strong, beautiful art. As the issue goes on, you see more and more of the characters grow individually.  Dysart continues to be a masterful writer as he brings balance of action and characterization. Evans and Hairsine give us wonderful art.  Hannin continues to deliever with colors.


                Harbinger # 13 gets an 9 out of 10. Outstanding issue with balance and characterization.    

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