Friday, June 7, 2013

1st Impressions: SCREWED # 1

Written by Tyler Kirkham & Keith Thomas
Art by David Miller & Oracle


            We open to a woman who doesn’t know who she is or how she got to where she is or why she has so many stitches on her. And she thinks this as she is attacked by a man whose … face rips off as easy as you unwrap a present. Eww.

            She escapes out of the hospital barely after seemingly being attacked by more monsters within the hospital. After she leaves, the cops come into to investigate. As our lead is running away, she thinks back to walking up in the hospital with a detective, who we find out is named Erin, promising to help her. Yet, Erin’s investigation gets undermined by one of the simply most arrogant investigators I have ever seen … Simon Beckett. Simon immediately says that everything that happened in the hospital is now under his jurisdiction, quoting that everyone has to play his “Simon says.”

            After our missing lead stumbles on the road cause of the fractured memories in her head, she is hit by a car . . .and sent flying into a sign. She is also electrocuted by the sign.  The people in the car were just going to run and leave her on the road … thinking they killed her. Yet, our girl gets up … sees them as monsters and  … well … that ends our comic.


            Screwed’s art was dazzling, engaging and full of energy. David Miller & Oracle do a superb job of bringing you a book about a fractured woman while also giving us artistic representation of that fracture through awesome panel work and set up. The many panels seemed to be shaped like broken glass, which added to the mood of the story.

            Miller’s women are beautiful and not hyperidolized. His men are strong, menacing. Miller conveys expression and makes every character very distinct. The monsters look gruesome and horrific. The action feels connect. The backgrounds are detailed and visually appealing and appropriate for whatever scene.

            Oracle’s colors really energize Miller’s work even more, fulling bringing to life this story. The lines are clean. The overall flow of the panels and characters felt natural. It was a great artistic tour de force by Miller and Oracle.


            Kirkham and Thomas give us a brilliant re-envision of Frankenstein through this first issue. The characters were engaging. There was a fair amount of time devoted to the main character … who still doesn’t have a name … but that mystery works with it. Her life is shattered and we, along with her, are gonna be putting the pieces of that life together to find out who she is and what is going on. Already, Erin stands as a strong female character who has a lot to say and do.

            Yet, I have to say that I give both of them kudos in the creation of that son of a bitch … yes, I called him that … Simon Beckett. He’s arrogant. He’s disgusting charming. He’s got an ego the size of Texas. And I instantly found him annoying and want to see him dead. THAT is by far a feat few writers have accomplished. To make me have such disdain for someone within the first page of their introduction. I look forward to Simon Beckett getting beaten the hell out of or worse. Is that a bad thing? No. Cause these writers have skills that automatically make me hate one character so quickly.

            The pacing for the story worked as well. Nothing felt too fast or slow. I also think Kirkham and  Thomas have dropped clues about our main character throughout the issue but still … we’re gonna have to wait and see.


            The issue opened with explosive action and did not let go throughout the book. I was intrigued, engaged and enthralled by the story and art. We got  mystery worth uncovering and taking such a personal journey with the main character really helps get readers feel involved. The art was mindblowing. The writing was superb.


            I give Screwed # 1 a 9.5 … out of 10. BUY THIS BOOK NOW! IT NEEDS YOUR TOUCH!

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