Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Comics News: Daniel & Soule Get Powerful With New Superman/Wonder Woman Ongoing

   As we got a slew of more DC Comics titles being cancelled (Threshold, Legion of Super Heroes [DAMN] & 2 others) , Tony Daniel moves from a short stint on Action Comics to a brand new launch of a major book. Superman's birthday year is going strong as we get news of an all new ongoing with Big Blue ... and he isn't alone. No! We already have Superman/Batman. Now, we are getting Superman/Wonder Woman.

  Yes, for the first time, we are getting a new team up ongoing featuring the Amazing Amazon herself. Yet, this does make it that Superman will be featured in SIX ongoings for DC. (It seems that DC is going with sure bets to replace the titles that have been lost). The new ongoing will deal with the relationship between Clark & Diana, much like Clark's relationship with Bruce but different ... considering that Diana and Clark are in a romantic relationship.

   The new ongoing will be written by Swamp Thing scribe, Charles Soule with art by Tony Daniel. Superman/Wonder Woman # 1 will hit stores this October.

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