Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK # 33: And Even Convicts Can Be A Power Ranger

Fade to Black
Power  Rangers RPM

   This is an oddity.  Most Power  Rangers series starts with a multi-parter. Yet, while this does pick up directly from the events of the first episode, it felt less like a multi-parter and more like a continuation of the series. We see our rangers in action. Dillion and Izzy made their way into Cornith and survive an attack from a Venjix bot.

   After their arrival the new buddies end up in jail. While in jail, Dillion gets to have a sit down with the General , who asks him who he is. Dillion refuses. Summer then joins in, telling him about the Rangers and gives a pitch to join him. She also thanks him for saving her life. And then, for the first time in Ranger history, we see not one but  2 eventual rangers are in jail … and we get a jail battle. A pretty awesome jail battle. We find that Dillion wants to find his sister and he ends up defending Izzy in the slammer.    At the end, Summer returns with the other rangers and puts in to no small terms that he can either stay in jail or become a Ranger. Dillion asks if they have anything in black.

                Overall, this episode continued to build upon the first one and really gave us one of the most unique rangers in history in Dillion. He was driven to find his sister. He is very guarded … at first but then does defend Izzy, who he seemed to get affection for while in Prisons. We get to see Izzy’s Shadow Puppets for the first time. And we get to see Summer and Dillion start what would be the series’ most apparent romance (there were 3 in total).

                The prison battle was well done. We got good depth on Dillion but also good character development for Izzy, Summer and Scott. Really a good job.  The downers this episode was that Flinn was only really background for much of the episode. And we are seeing only bits & pieces of Venjix. Overall though, a really great episode focusing on a great ranger.  

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