Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cosplay Hottie of June Nii Niishie Elf

Hey there Infiknights, you know its not very often where I've become friends with a Cosplay Hottie but I'm glad to say this months Hottie is a friend of mine. Geeks and gals i give you Nii Niishie Elf!!!

What are your favorite geek vices of choice? Maybe leave that as (a secret)

What got you into anime/comics etc? I've always been artistic as a kid. And my brother was a great artist. He was my inspiration. I started out drawing pokemon
What got you into cosplay?. I like to cosplay. But I prefer to cosplay my own characters. I think I've only cosplayed an actual character from a video game once and I still tweeked it to my liking. But I suppose what started it was my love for halloween, dancing and getting dressed up for clubs and just being able to wear what ever I want anytime of the day and not care what people think
What are some of your favorite anime/games? anime
Naruto. Soul eater. Death note. Ghost hound. Air gear. Tenjho tenge. Tenchi muyo. Inuyasha. And many more
Bioshock. Any fighting game. (Tekken, soul calibur, marvel vs capcom. Playstation allstars) . I also like cute adenture games. Spyro the dragon. Mario. Zelda . Conkers bad fur day. Love nintendo 64 games. Still have mine and close to 30 games for it. Can't think of other games right now that I have played recently
What are your favorite foods? Salad.Buffalo chicken. Chinese food. Cheese fries.. Alaskan snow crab legs.
What is the best part of cosplaying? Best part of cosplaying. is being able to express my creativity and skills and the praise from my friends telling me I did a good job

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