Monday, June 24, 2013

Garo A retrospective: episode 1 "Picture Book"

Golden Knight Garo
It is the introduction of Kouga (Golden Makai Knight Garo) and main female protagoist Kaoru. She is an aspiring artist who is trying to leave her mark on the world with her art. Her life’s dream is to become as famous as her father. Kouga is the current holder of the mantle of Garo. In the world of Makai Knights, Garo is the title of the Best Makai Knight. Before Kouga, his father Taiga was also Garo.
The show starts with an gallery owner reviewing some of the art work he had in his storage room. He heard sounds coming from one of the boxes. He found the box and it reveals a beautiful painting of what we can believe to be a goddess. The goddess asks him if he loves women and young girls. Blinded by her beauty, he agreed. The goddess transforms into a demon and begins to devour the owner and takes over his body. The demons are called Horrors.
Next, we meet Kaoru a young artist who meets with this gallery owner to see if she can display her paintings at the gallery. He agreed only because he wants to eat her. He tries to pull her into the store room, but she pulls away because she had another errands to run.
The next scene is of Kaoru having a dream sequence. She is revisiting her childhood. She is read a book that talks about the adventures of an Gold Knight that protects the world in secret.  As she reaches the end of the book, she is attacked by horrors which causes her to wake up. She talks to someone whom seems to be her psychiatrist about her dreams. He tells her that maybe its just that she is nervous about her first show. 
We jump back to the gallery, where the owner and another young artist are arguing about Kaoru’s work. She was jealous and want to also have her work shown. He transforms in front of her. She screamed but that didn't stop the owner from eating his dinner.
We then jump to a training sequence for Kouga. He is interrupted by his butler Gonza. Gonza had a letter in his hand with Kouga’s orders. He reads the letter and heads out for his mission.
It is finally Kaoru’s day for her show. Everything seem to be going well. Kouga appears and pulls Kaoru towards him. He flashes a lighter in her face. It is used for him to see if she is human or horror. When the results come back negative, she pulls away and runs towards the owner. Kouga tries to have Kaoru escape by purchasing a painting and have her deliver it to his home. He then asks the owner if he has anymore paintings for sell. The owner escorts Kouga to the store room. There Kouga test the owner with his lighter. The owner eyes turned white with ancient word meeting at the iris. The horror activates his trap and locks Kouga, Kaoru and itself inside the building. It run away from Kouga and places him in a trap. He beats the trap. Kaoru got her painting but is still unable to leave the building. She approaches the horror (still in disguise) asking him about what’s going on. He tries again to eat her, but Kouga saves her. He tells her to run and they begin to fight. The fight is nearing its end when the horror transforms and returns to its original body (the painting). Kouga uses his lighter to locate the painting where the horror is hiding.  The horror (painting) transforms into its true form and attack Kouga. Kaoru is trying his best to find cover and but had no place to go. Kouga summons his armor and begins a brutal assault against the horror. Kouga lands the final blow to defeat the horror, but its blood lands on Kaoru. He was trained that if the blood of a horror makes contact with a human, the human must be destroyed at all cost. He tries to kill her but he couldn't.  Something about Kaoru prevent him from complete this task. Kaoru fainted. She wakes up on her bed in her apartment with Kouga in her apartment. He tells her that he is sorry for using her but he had to get his job done. But he made it known that he really wanted her painting because it reminded him of his childhood. He leaves her and she begins to wonder about what world did she fall into and why her father’s book is related to this world.


As an introduction to this series, I thought it was a good start. Granted I felt that it could have been better. There were scenes that I felt didn’t make sense. It would leave me asking questions. I felt Kouga’s introduction could have been a little better. Kaoru feels like a bit of an airhead. The armor was one greatest design I have seen. It was a cross between Eastern Europeans Knight armor and Samurai Armor. The Helmet was of that of a Wolf.  Overall, the questions that I develop left me wanting more about the show. The most important questions I had were about the 99.9 second timer that appeared when Kouga wore the armor of Garo. Why is it important and what happens when the time runs out? And what happens to humans that are exposed to Horror’s blood? I give Garo Episode 1 about 7.5 out 10 stars. It’s enough good to pick my interest but still left me feeling like something is missing. Let’s see how episode two fairs next week. 



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